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    • Creating a Bill Of Material September 16, 2014
      I am new to MEP and creating autocad schedules. I am pretty much wondering how I would go about Creating a bill of material that would have 5 columns, Mark(or list number of item), quantity(this should give the total quantity of the item), size(obviously should be the nominal size), length(for each individual piece of pipe, or cut length, fittings will obvio […]
    • AutoCAD MEP - Single Device With Multiple Layers September 16, 2014
      Hi, AutoCAD MEP 2013. I am creating custom MEP devices and adding them to our custom tool pallet. When creating a single device, does anyone know how to make some elements of a device automatically go on a predefined layer while also have other elements of the same device automatically go on another predefined layer (i.e: I create a panelboard device with pa […]
    • Validation error in Catalog Editor September 16, 2014
      Hello, I'm trying to customize a Pipe trough the Catalog Editor but sometimes, the Test Catalog function advises me that there is an error. For example, I copy an Elbow in a new Folder, then I edit its parameters, rename the part and the name. Then I Regenerate the catalog, and then Test the Catalog. It always shows this error. The error wants me to cha […]
    • Style Manager, why won't you stay on the screen? September 15, 2014
      OK, using Style Manager to modify various bits of information shown in my conduits, cable trays, cookie jars, whatever... I NEVER get the exact setting I want the first time so I have to go through the whole 12 steps (ok, maybe 4 or 5 steps..) process of getting back to that particular Property Set I just worked on.. At the bottom of the Style Manager Dialog […]
    • Cannot install AutoCAD MEP 2015 September 12, 2014
      I have downloaded AutoCAD MEP 2015 as free trial. But cannot install because it aborts messaging that another more recent version is already installed. I've never installed MEP any version. But I've another Autodesk products 2015. I think maybe their updates are more recent than download version of MEP 2015. Any help? thanks.
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    • How to Save a NavisWorks NWD file to Revit Server 2014 September 17, 2014
      How to Save a NavisWorks NWD file to Revit Server 2014. Is it possible ? How to save  NWD files from a Desktop  with Desk Navisworks Manage 2014  to Revit Server 2014. Please let me know if it is possible .   Many Thanks
    • FREE Webinar: How to use Cloud Rendering in Navisworks September 17, 2014
      Join us on Wed, Sep 24, 2014 10:00 AM - 10:30 AM PDT, register here.   Learn how to quickly produce high quality visual output for your integrated multiformat datasets. Navisworks customers who have Autodesk® Cloud Service Subscription can connect Navisworks models to Autodesk® A360 Cloud Rendering.      Join Navisworks Product Manager Thomas Schwaiger for a […]
    • Cloud Point and Simulate September 16, 2014
      I can not view the point cloud in Navisworks Freedom.  I can see it in sumilate but not in freedom. 
    • Save position of MEP parts in a database September 16, 2014
      Hi folks, Does naybody know if it is possible to create a datatools connection to a database and for navisworks to save the position coordinates of each item of MEP into this database?  Any help much appreciated!
    • cannot open two or more files in navisworks in 2014 September 15, 2014
      Hi,   i have tried to open second file while i was working on the current file in navisworks, but i couldn't open insead the current file is closing and the new file is opened. if  i am working on overall plant and i need to open other file i need to close the overall plant file. soo more time is wasted in opening and closing the file.  why navisworks c […]
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    • i have multi hatch in drawing how to get hatch area? September 17, 2014
      i have multi hatch in drawing how to get hatch area? i have all hatches are not separate layer all hatches r have same layer so i need to find out area separately please help me any one
    • Arrangement drawings September 17, 2014
      Hi guys At "Mode space" , I have some drawing. maybe is not the same as the size of the drawing frame . I need to arrange them neatly by drawing No. (1-SS706A-003). I hope can set Columns ...
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    • Customizing the Ribbon or Toolbars September 16, 2014
      Good afternoon everyone, I'm new to the forums here so please forgive me if I have this in the wrong section. I am looking for a comprehensive tutorial on how to make a custom toolbar or ribbon...
    • AutoCAD 2015 not OPEN September 15, 2014
      Dear anyone, Whenever i am opening AutoCAD 2015, it checked some file, and permanently "Loading..." I had try reinstall, but it didn't work. This is a screenshot Image:...
    • Plot Style Tables September 13, 2014
      I just loaded 2013 on my computer-tried printing and it's requesting Plot Style Table. Ho do I import or copy Plot Style tables from my olkd computer which has 2011 ACAD. Thanks
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    • Subcontractor “Pass-Through” Claims Still a Matter of Controversy
      Subcontractor “pass-through” claims, sponsored by a prime contractor against a public project owner, are both useful and controversial. A pass-through claim results from a claim liquidation agreement between the prime and the sub. The prime agrees to pursue the project owner, at the prime’s expense, for the subcontractor’s increased costs. The prime will pas […]
      Rob W
    • Autodesk Navisworks Animated Construction
      Autodesk Navisworks project review software can import project schedules from planning applications, enabling you to simulate and visually communicate construction schedules. In this video, Autodesk’s Paul Walker has further enhanced the 4D simulation by animating building components (using the Navisworks Animator feature) and rendered with Navisworks to cre […]
      Rob W
    • Learn more about the Design, Application and Installation of Custom and Standard Pipe Clamps
      Learn more about the Design, Application and Installation of Custom and Standard Pipe Clamps right from your computer for free. This technical presentation is this Thursday, July 22, 2010 at 10:00 am or 2:00 pm. Register for the Design, Application and Installation of Custom and Standard Pipe Clamps Webinar The featured presenter, Jerry Godina has […]
      Rob W
    • What is BIM Model or Building Information Modeling?
      Building Information Modeling or BIM is the latest buzzword in construction industry worldwide. It has been flaunted on the front page of construction magazines; more seminars are being arranged throughout year and many companies are involved in developing products/tools around BIM. So, what is BIM? Why it so popular and what lies there in it […]
      Rob W
    • Apps Simplify Processes Big and Small
      Whether you’re looking for a better way to log employees’ time on a project, make a crucial measurement on the jobsite, or automate business-process management, one tool required is one you most likely already have: a smartphone. Construction productivity tools are going mobile, and the combination of advancing cellphone technology and a flurry of activity [ […]
      Rob W

Archive for the ‘MEP Coordination’ Category

Monthly Tekla Webinar July 6th – Tekla BIMsight 1.2

Posted by Rob W on June 13, 2011

Click Here To Register

If you cannot make this webinar live they will post it later on the same page.

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Look, A New Forum Dedicated To The MEPF Community!

Posted by Rob W on April 5, 2011

Look a new forum for the MEPF community, A place to discuss above ceiling coordination issues and software packages. Most software developers do not provide this kind of outlet so we are. For some reason they do not want us to know each other. Also, it’s a good outlet to discuss the industry in general.

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BIM and Construction Management: Proven Tools, Methods, and Workflows

Posted by Rob W on November 15, 2010

Check out this free E-Book at Google Books

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FREE Live Webcast: Successful BIM Without the Wash

Posted by Rob W on August 20, 2010

Join Autodesk and McCarthy Building Companies  for this free one-hour webcast to explore how implementing Autodesk BIM solutions as an integrated process across project team members has helped McCarthy to work more productively and demonstrate real value to its clients.
Wednesday, August 25th, 2010
10:00-11:00 a.m. Pacific Time
1:00-2:00 p.m. Eastern Time

Many firms market their use of BIM, when in fact they may only use BIM for visualization and presentation, performing basic 3D CAD modelling, and producing traditional 2D paper drawings or CDs. BIM is more than just 3D modeling software–it is an integrated process that allows professionals to explore a project’s key physical and functional characteristics digitally, before it is built. BIM allows builders to rely on coordinated, consistent information to visualize, simulate, analyze, document, and deliver projects on time and within budget.
In this webcast, Adam Lega and Connor Christian of McCarthy Building Companies will demonstrate how McCarthy chose Autodesk BIM solutions for their construction projects to help them work more productively and win more business. They will discuss five practical tips that can help you recognize the hype and set expectations that meet reality, illustrated by real-life examples of BIM projects from McCarthy’s portfolio.

Register today to learn more!

If you miss this you can usually watch them later at the same link.

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NEC Panel Clearance

Posted by Rob W on August 17, 2010

The National Electric Code requires min. 3’0″

there are several rules defined in section 110.26 of the NEC; for 600 volts or less it is:

  • left to right the minimum clearance is 30″ or the width of the equipment, whichever is larger
  • in height, there should be 6′ 6” minimum height to stand in front of the equipment (exception for dwelling units for panels 200 amps or less)
  • the depth in front of the equipment varies depending on the voltage and surfaces of the opposite wall behind you: if the voltage is 150 volts to ground or less the depth of clearance is 30″: as stated above; if the voltage is higher it depends of whether the opposite wall is insulated or not: if insulated the depth is 3′ 6″, if not insulated (such as cement block) the depth is 48″

I refer to these rules as the “refrigerator rule”: the clearance in front of the equipment in question requires a dedicated clear space roughly the size of a large refrigerator.

Read More

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Autodesk NavisWorks 2009: Essentials AOTC

Posted by Rob W on August 1, 2010

In this courseware, using hands-on exercises that demonstrate the functionality of the Autodesk® NavisWorks® 2009 Review, Simulate, and Manage features, students learn how to open, review, and run object-interference checks on 3D models. Students also learn how to link to task-scheduling files and create 3D construction simulations. Using the Animator and Scripter tools, students create interactive animations. In addition, students learn how the Presenter tools can help them to create photorealistic images and animations. This courseware provides students with the skills and knowledge to use NavisWorks 2009 effectively.

Read More

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SEMCO Rectangular to Round & Oval Conversion Calculator

Posted by Rob W on July 31, 2010

SEMCO’S MicroLink™ Rectangular to Round and Oval Conversion Calculator is designed to aid in the conversion of rectangular HVAC layouts to round and oval duct and fittings. Enter the rectangular size shown on drawings and it will calculate the equivalent round diameter and list SEMCO’s recommended round diameter and oval major/minor. The History button will give you a printable listing of all sizes calculated during the current session. When you start up your next session, you will be prompted to clear the history for the last session.

Read More

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Tips & Tricks for Building a 3D Model with Objects in AutoCAD Architecture

Posted by Rob W on July 29, 2010

Autodesk Solutions for Architects & Design Visualization Professionals
Dear Design Professional,
Autodesk invites you to view a free screencast featuring tips and tricks to help you improve productivity, deliver innovative design ideas, and manage change in your daily project workflow.
Featured Screencast: Tips & Tricks for Visualization in Renovation & Retrofit Projects
Interior and exterior building renovations and retrofits are on the rise as more and more building owners seek ways to increase energy efficiency, lower impacts on the environment, save on energy costs and qualify for federal stimulus funds. But how do building owners, and the team of architects and design visualization professionals working on these projects, answer the question “What will the changes to my building look like?”

This screencast presentation provides a view into using Autodesk 3ds Max Design for high quality visualization on renovation and retrofit projects. You’ll learn about leveraging design data to determine what information you have for your design and how to use it. You’ll then learn about materials, camera matching and a quick look at Autodesk ImageModeler to accurately model an existing building from digital.

Register Here

If you miss this you can always watch it later at the same link…

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Navisworks Training By De Ding

Posted by Rob W on July 27, 2010

Credit for these vids got to:

De Ding At Linkin

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AutoCAD MEP 2011 – Improved Pipe Detailing

Posted by Rob W on July 24, 2010

Create more accurate display representation to improve construction documents and 3D co-ordination from the building services model produced within AutoCAD MEP 2011.

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