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CADmep Videos

Posted by Rob W on March 3, 2017

Fist, if you are looking for Autodesk MEP Videos you can find them here


 Playlist of beginner videos  

Plumbing with Jeremy 1

Plumbing with Jeremy 2

CADmep Design Line Luciano 



NavisWork 101 – Building Your Model

NavisWork 101 – The Basic Tools You Will Be Using

NavisWorks 101- Clash Detective

NavisWorks 101- Navigation 

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Navigating In NavisWorks Freedom

Posted by Rob W on March 3, 2017

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Construction Confidence Index

Posted by Rob W on April 29, 2014

Associated Builders and Contractors’ (ABC) Construction Confidence Index (CCI) is a diffusion index that reflects the nation’s construction contractors’ perceptions of the business environment over a six-month period, as well as the prospects for coefocus_0311_stfrancisweb2ammercial and industrial construction spending growth in the months ahead. Source data are collected from ABC members from across the country through a confidential monthly survey. This national economic indicator provides stakeholders with a forward-looking view of the nation’s nonresidential construction industry. Read More

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Fabrication CADmep Level & Size Blocks

Posted by Rob W on April 22, 2014

Blocks with attribute definitions can be used to create custom Level \ Size Labels:

– attributes for Levels for reference to the Top, Centre or Bottom of Objects

– attributes for Size for Object Width, Depth & Diameter READ MORE

4-22-2014 2-41-56 PM

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AutoCAD Super-Duper Click Savers

Posted by Rob W on April 15, 2014

Return on investment on the AutoCAD platform is all about saving picks and clicks and this class is all about exposing the super-secret tools in the AutoCAD platform. The biggest issue is that you don’t know what you are missing from release to release unless someone exposes these little secrets. In this class, we will provide a one-stop-shop document to help you remember all of them and refer back to them. Your repetitive steps and tasks won’t know what hit them.

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Bluebeam Takeoffs & Estimation

Posted by Rob W on February 25, 2014

Revu includes all of the tools you need to prepare your next bid as much as 70% faster. In this session, you will learn how to useRevu’s built-in measurement tools for takeoffs, save custom measurements in the exclusive Tool Chest™, export measurements to Excel®, and use Custom Columns to add formulas to the built-in worksheet to calculate costs directly in Revu.

Estimators who want easy, affordable solutions and rapid electronic take-off will learn how to create custom tools, mark-up,and measure using Bluebeam Revu. Performing take-offs from Google Map images or PDFs is easy. With Bluebeam’s measurement tools its quick, accurate and affordable for area, length, count, perimeter, volume and even measures arcs. With Bluebeam Revu’s Visual Search you can find symbols on one page, across pages or throughout folders. Comparing revisions is also a snap with Bluebeam’s compare documents feature – clouding all the differences on a planset for you. Construction estimating will never be the same. Paperless, electronic and exportable to your favorite estimating program, Microsoft Excel.
Estimation Webinar recorded February 20, 2013

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Fabrication for MEP: Detailing, Costing, and Fabrication Integration

Posted by Rob W on February 21, 2014

Come and learn about Autodesk® Fabrication software and how the individual systems integrate together to provide more seamless detailing, costing, and fabrication of MEP systems. This class builds on information about design line technology presented in the Go Beyond Design classes. This class will enable you to better understand how this technology, and the technology behind the Autodesk Fabrication products, can help contractors develop holistic knowledge around the portfolio to improve their business practices, increase productivity, and save money.


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TSI Training Class Docs

Posted by Rob W on February 21, 2014

Someone shared these with us a while back Its older info but some of it may help

Download docs here 

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CADMep 2013 Plumbing with Jeremy

Posted by Rob W on February 20, 2014

We had Jeremy who has been using CADMep train us on how to get started seeing that TSI or Autodesk does not have any documentation how to get started and training from TSI is only available in Texas or on site but it takes forever to get it set up.

Part 1

Part  2

Rob Williams

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Quickly Create a Structural Model with CADmep

Posted by Rob W on February 20, 2014

There are times in the MEP modeling industry that we need to create a structural model and CADmep is a very good tool for this. So let’s take a look at how we can quickly and efficiently build our structural model.

(For this example you will need a 2D structural drawing)
1. Open your 2D structural drawing
2. Click on the Polyline 3D Fill button
5. Select the line you wish to fill (does not need to be a polyline can be a standard line)
6. The “Fill Start Options” dialog box will open
8. In the first box select your structural steel service
9. In the second box set your section (optional)
10. Select the appropriate size (W16x26 in this example)
11. Click on the offset button and select how you would like it to fill (I generally select “Top” so that when I choose my elevation it will be top of steel)
12. Click on the elevation button and set your elevation
13. Click on the OK button
14. Select all additional lines in the drawing that represent that same size beam and hit enter when finished.
Additional trick:
Add exterior insulation to the beams to represent fireproof coating. That way you can detect clashes with the fireproofing.

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