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Using Adobe Acrobat for A.E.C. Issues

Posted by Rob W on June 15, 2009

A lot of us use Adobe Acrobat for correspondence. I found these 5 videos at McGraw Hill that may help you learn more about how to use Adobe Acrobat for A.E.C. Issues.

Click on this link to enter McGraw Hills Video Library

Here is a list of titles you will find

  • Creating Forms using Adobe Acrobat 9
  • Commenting Work flows
  • Geo spatial PDFs
  • Creating PDFs from 3D Drawings
  • Creating PDFs from 2D Drawings

If you are unfamiliar with, need a refresher or just want to learn more about Adobe Acrobat and what you can achieve try the link below. This is not free but, you can watch the first 10 lessons for free. If you want to view the rest of the training scroll down the page and sign up for the monthly subscription or you can buy the CD either way, it’s a good investment. In today’s job market you must be a go to guy/gal to stay employed this type of training only helps you in the long run.

Adobe Acrobat 9 Tutorial

Other resourses for learning Acrobate 9


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