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MEP 2010 – Opting Out Of The Ribbon GUI

Posted by Rob W on June 23, 2009

In this video I will show you how to quickly opt out of the Ribbon GUI in AutoDesk MEP 2010.  Personally, this interface irritates me to no end and I simply cannot see how this interface is more productive. In MEP 2009 AutoDesk gave you the option to have the (more efficient) classic toolbars and menus or an option to use the (bells and whistles) ribbon. However, in 2010 MEP they have taken this option away from you.  The problem I see with utilizing this GUI inside of AutoDesk products is that AutoDesk Products are mainly used by professional users unlike MS Office where a good percentage are casual users.  That’s my 2¢ anyway.

Here is the info I spoke about a video to get your menus and toolbars back if you did not migrate.  Make sure to read the response by user Slawomir Popiel. It is very funny yet so true.

See Post Here

Learn More About The CUI

Read what others have to say about the Ribbon GUI.

Here is kind of a poll on the ribbon GUI in autoCAD




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