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Creating Custom Linetypes

Posted by Rob W on August 31, 2009

Ever need a custom linetype that includes embedded text or symbology? By leveraging Civil 3D’s Express Tools, in less than 10 minutes, you can easily create your own custom linetypes. (NOTE:Although this is in Civil 2010 it applies to MEP as-well).

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MEP Snaps Issue

Posted by Rob W on August 4, 2009

Since the release of 2009 Autodesk decided they where no longer going to let us toggle between MEP Snaps and AutCAD Snaps. Well today, thanks to user ameador at the autodesk discussion boards, there is a fix for this issue. Below is a copy of his post with his work around and we got it to work in 2010. This is a huge fix for us and we would like to thank him for his hard work.

Ok, I have a way that I have “forced” this on the duct and pipe commands on the palettes.
You’ll have to check for your version of the software to find out for sure what the command is for turning on/off the MEP snaps is.
I made this for ABS07, you should be able to modify it for the upper versions (I hope).

I right clicked on the duct icon on the duct palette.
Choose “Properties”.
Under “Basic” there’s a command section.
Click in the command section.
Here’s what I have: AECBOSMODE 1023 OSMODE 0 ^C^C_AecbDuctAdd
If you use a value of 1023 for AECBOSMODE it will turn them all on.
I set OSMODE to 0 so all of the osnaps are turned off.

I made a separate “hotkey” to turn the MEP snaps back off and turns on a select few Osnaps.
Here’s what I have for that key: AECBOSMODE 0 OSMODE 135

Maybe that’s something that can help ya’ll?

Here is the original thread

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Fundamentals of Refrigeration

Posted by Rob W on August 1, 2009

I just uploaded some video on the Fundamentals of Refrigeration. These two videos will help you get a better understanding of theory and how the heating and cooling process works. Ok, so now you are asking yourself, why as a detailer do I need to know this. Bottom line is this, every person who works for an HVAC Contractor from the receptionist to the CEO should know these principles.  Enjoy

Video 1

Video 2

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