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    • Long term large file storage options? March 21, 2018
      Please bear with me as I'm touching on this as a bit of an outsider. We have run into an issue of storage space with our facility scans.   Currently we were loading our scans (at a minimum, roughly 1/2 terabyte) into Vault. As you may know, in order for someone to work within the file or just view it, they need to copy a version of it from Vault to thei […]
    • Number of Polygons before Exporting to FBX March 20, 2018
      I am very new to Autodesk Navisworks. Suppose I open up, on Navisworks, an NWD file holding a model of a two-storey square house. I want to export it to use it in Unity as an FBX file with a limited number of polygons that make up the house. Is there a way you can view the number of polygons your model currently has? This is to tell how many polygons I want […]
    • Crashing when using the save button March 19, 2018
      As well as crashing when I sort the selection tree, I am also crashing when I use the save button. I have Navisworks 2018 on SP 1. This is insane. Is there s fix for this.
    • TimeLiner Rules March 19, 2018
      I am trying the function "Auto Attaching using Rules" for gatehouse example, I tried several time a lot of combinations to match Task name from GANTT with task name from model but I did not succeed. Can you help me please?
    • Scripter to open html March 19, 2018
      Hello  In the scripter i can jump to a stored view.Can i also open a html in the same time?Navis Manage 2017
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    • Eattedit March 20, 2018
      All, I'm the only one on the group that is having this problem. When I double click on a block with attributes, Enhanced Attribute Editor window comes like it's supposed to but the problem that...
    • Lee Mac's InsertWithState program - Insertion point question March 20, 2018
      I'm utilizing Lee Mac's InsertWithState function to insert dynamic blocks with specific visibility states and it works great. Can someone please show me how to specify the insertion point in the...
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    • Controlling the AutoCAD Cursor Badge
      In AutoCAD 2015 badges were added to the AutoCAD cursor to help you identify the editing operation you were about to perform. For example, when you use the ERASE command and pass the cursor over an object, a small red...
      Heidi Hewett
    • Happy weekend from Above the Clouds
      Kicking off the weekend early on this cold Colorado morning with nothing related to AutoCAD.... Just one of my favorite hiking photos from "the city above the clouds". Have a great weekend!
      Heidi Hewett
    • Throwback Thursday... Replaced by AutoCAD
      Here's an oldie! This wooden pencil doesn't have a date on it but I'm guessing it's from the early nineties if not even the eighties! Who really believed back then that AutoCAD... or any CAD could replace good old paper...
      Heidi Hewett
    • Delete duplicate AutoCAD objects
      AutoCAD drawings often contain duplicate or overlapping geometry that unnecessarily bloats them and makes them more challenging to edit. There are numerous reasons overlapping geometry might be created, such as copying or drawing new geometry on top of existing geometry....
      Heidi Hewett
    • Learning AutoCAD – Preview Guides
      As I mentioned in a previous post, there are many tools available to help you learn AutoCAD. Some of my favorite resources are the AutoCAD Preview Guides. Okay, I might be a little biased because I wrote these. But, I...
      Heidi Hewett
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    • Subcontractor “Pass-Through” Claims Still a Matter of Controversy
      Subcontractor “pass-through” claims, sponsored by a prime contractor against a public project owner, are both useful and controversial. A pass-through claim results from a claim liquidation agreement between the prime and the sub. The prime agrees to pursue the project owner, at the prime’s expense, for the subcontractor’s increased costs. The prime will pas […]
      Rob W
    • Autodesk Navisworks Animated Construction
      Autodesk Navisworks project review software can import project schedules from planning applications, enabling you to simulate and visually communicate construction schedules. In this video, Autodesk’s Paul Walker has further enhanced the 4D simulation by animating building components (using the Navisworks Animator feature) and rendered with Navisworks to cre […]
      Rob W
    • Learn more about the Design, Application and Installation of Custom and Standard Pipe Clamps
      Learn more about the Design, Application and Installation of Custom and Standard Pipe Clamps right from your computer for free. This technical presentation is this Thursday, July 22, 2010 at 10:00 am or 2:00 pm. Register for the Design, Application and Installation of Custom and Standard Pipe Clamps Webinar The featured presenter, Jerry Godina has […]
      Rob W
    • What is BIM Model or Building Information Modeling?
      Building Information Modeling or BIM is the latest buzzword in construction industry worldwide. It has been flaunted on the front page of construction magazines; more seminars are being arranged throughout year and many companies are involved in developing products/tools around BIM. So, what is BIM? Why it so popular and what lies there in it […]
      Rob W
    • Apps Simplify Processes Big and Small
      Whether you’re looking for a better way to log employees’ time on a project, make a crucial measurement on the jobsite, or automate business-process management, one tool required is one you most likely already have: a smartphone. Construction productivity tools are going mobile, and the combination of advancing cellphone technology and a flurry of activity [ […]
      Rob W

MEP Snaps Issue

Posted by Rob W on August 4, 2009

Since the release of 2009 Autodesk decided they where no longer going to let us toggle between MEP Snaps and AutCAD Snaps. Well today, thanks to user ameador at the autodesk discussion boards, there is a fix for this issue. Below is a copy of his post with his work around and we got it to work in 2010. This is a huge fix for us and we would like to thank him for his hard work.

Ok, I have a way that I have “forced” this on the duct and pipe commands on the palettes.
You’ll have to check for your version of the software to find out for sure what the command is for turning on/off the MEP snaps is.
I made this for ABS07, you should be able to modify it for the upper versions (I hope).

I right clicked on the duct icon on the duct palette.
Choose “Properties”.
Under “Basic” there’s a command section.
Click in the command section.
Here’s what I have: AECBOSMODE 1023 OSMODE 0 ^C^C_AecbDuctAdd
If you use a value of 1023 for AECBOSMODE it will turn them all on.
I set OSMODE to 0 so all of the osnaps are turned off.

I made a separate “hotkey” to turn the MEP snaps back off and turns on a select few Osnaps.
Here’s what I have for that key: AECBOSMODE 0 OSMODE 135

Maybe that’s something that can help ya’ll?

Here is the original thread


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