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AutoCAD MEP 2010 Duct Transition Subscription Advantage Pack

Posted by Rob W on March 20, 2010

Video overview of the new Auto CAD MEP 2010 Subscription Advantage Pack for Duct Transitions.

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Cad Tips – Autocad MEP- Parametric Part Builder

Posted by Rob W on March 14, 2010

How to use Content Builders – Parametric Part Builder
PROBLEM STATEMENT: We want to learn how to make Parametric MvParts and cannot find a lot of material on the topic. How do we use Parametric Part Builder? The original customer case gave us a sample part to make. It is a 40RM Packaged Air Handler made my Carrier.
SOLUTION: Watch Video(s) 1 thru 20

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Cad Tips – Autocad MEP- Device Tags

Posted by Rob W on March 7, 2010

Tags getting scaled – video 1
PROBLEM STATEMENT: We have created a tag. When we tag objects, the tag comes in too large for the annotation scale.
SOLUTION: Watch video(s) 1 thru 4

You can find the 4 video plat list here

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The American Sanitary Plumbing Museum

Posted by Rob W on March 5, 2010

Even if you’re not in the plumbing part of the industry, you might want to visit The Plumbing Museum. The museum’s collection includes claw-foot bathtubs, fancy water closets, and antique sinks. You can also view a large library of turn-of-the-century trade magazines and newspapers, and a circa 1910 plumbing shop with original tools and equipment.

The museum was a labor of love for the PHCC and J.C. Cannistrao, LLC. Check it out!

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Autocad MEP – Device Block Creation

Posted by Rob W on March 2, 2010

Device Block Creation

PROBLEM STATEMENT: Creating a device or symbol, or most anything annotative in AutoCAD MEP can be confusing. When we insert our custom device, the symbol comes in huge or too small. How do we get it to scale correctly with the Annotative scale?
SOLUTION: Watch Video(s) 1 thru 10

You can find play list of all 10 videos here…

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