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BIM for Contractors: Autodesk® Navisworks® From Design To Construction To FM

Posted by Rob W on February 12, 2011

Class Audience

AEC professionals who want to learn more about the ways Navisworks can be used through the design and construction process to build better buildings

Class Description

More and more contractors are finding the benefits of leveraging BIM on their projects. This class will focus specifically on Navisworks and the ways in which leading-edge contractors are using the tools available to build better buildings. Topics include: Project Procurement/Interview Strategies, Assisting the Design Team Before Construction and Sub Procurement via “Design Phase Early Conflict Modeling and Coordination” Visualization Techniques, 4D Simulations and Phasing, On-Site Spatial Coordination/Clash Detection, and Completing the Life-Cycle With Facilities Management.

Key Learning

  • Set up a workflow process for on-site Spatial Coordination/Clash Detection
  • Assist the design team before construction of a project
  • Manipulate models for internal use and external viewing via NavisWorks Freedom Viewer
  • Create 4D schedule simulations for use in interviews, preconstruction, and during the building process to communicate the project schedule more efficiently
  • Use Navisworks as a strategic tool to win more projects

View Video Here


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