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AutoCAD MEP 2012 — “Add Ducts” Updated

Posted by Rob W on March 24, 2011

Lana Gochenauer showcases another enhancement that streamlines workflow in AutoCAD MEP 2012 — the updated Add Ducts command.

I was part of the beta test. Myself and several other complained about removing the Duct Dialog Box. I love it when Autodesk and it’s resellers think they know whats more productive when running 20′ of duct in their test. I still miss the Piping dialog box 😦 The auto transition is nice thou, not sure why it was not in 2011, as it originated in 2009 as a subscription add on.

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AutoCAD 2012 Content Explorer

Posted by Rob W on March 24, 2011

Join Derek Wielkopolski, Ideate Support Manager and AutoCAD guru as he describes the new content explorer in AutoCAD 2012 — A quick and easy search tool to find blocks and manipulate content.

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Navisworks 2012 – Exporting Links

Posted by Rob W on March 24, 2011

Navisworks 2012 — Exporting Links. Ideate tech expert Teresa Martin reveals the top new areas to explore for Navisworks 2012: Revit Interoperability: supports Exporting or linked-files through Revit.

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Fuze Meeting – Affordable Online Meeting Software

Posted by Rob W on March 1, 2011

Fuze Meeting is a web conferencing tool that lets you share everything on your screen in high resolution with anyone, anywhere, on any device… on any continent, on any planet, in any of the neighboring galaxies. Okay, not quite. But one day.

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AutoCAD MEP 2011 – Improved Pipe Detailing

Posted by Rob W on March 1, 2011

Create more accurate display representation to improve construction documents and 3D co-ordination from the building services model produced within AutoCAD MEP 2011.


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