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Non-conforming shop drawings create trouble for everyone

Posted by Rob W on May 24, 2011

Non-conforming shop drawings create trouble for everyone – from prime contractors to subcontractors … architects to engineers … and EVERYONE in between. But, you CAN minimize your exposure – IF you know your way around shop drawing submittal and review….

To help you stay in control, , and out of trouble, two construction experts — attorney Hugh Anderson and engineer Jim Brown — have teamed up to help you steer your operations clear of any controversy. This 90-minute interactive program will provide you with important information concerning the contractual requirements regarding the submission and review of shop drawings including the obligations and rights of the parties, and will help you avoid the potentially devastating claims that can often arise over shop drawings.

This course will also explore:

  • Benefits and disadvantages of recognizing shop drawings as contract documents
  • Tips to improve practices and procedures relative to shop drawing preparation and review
  • Shop Drawings in Standard Contract Documents
  • What shop drawings should AND SHOULD NOT show
  • How shop drawings are reviewed by architects, engineers AND contractors
  • Claims arising from the shop drawing review process and techniques for minimizing
    your exposure to possible claims
  • Evolving issues, how Design/Build delivery and Building Information Modeling (BIM)
    affect the shop drawing process
  • Recent cases concerning contractual disputes and liability resulting from problems
    originating from the shop drawing process

Register or find out more info here


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