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Auditing a Navisworks model for very distant items

Posted by Rob W on April 28, 2012



I’d like you all to try something, open a large Navisworks project you are working on, if you press ‘Page Up’ to zoom out to the entire model, and you can no longer see the model or it looks tiny then you should audit it for very distant items.

This is something we recommend you do as a simple check whenever creating an NWD, large or small, but there are symptoms of models which desperately need this, I’ve listed a few below: –

  • When you render your model through Presenter, only the background shows, or you seem to get holes or triangles missing from a render
  • When you navigate the model it looks like you have a section plane in front of you, as described here
  • Jerky performance when navigating
  • Model disappears when rotating around the model
  • When you zoom out the model disappears
  • Two faces seem to occupy the same space giving a jagged looking surface

When focused in on the model select an item (not the whole model) and save this as a Selection Set. You will use this in a minute to identify the location of the model in the view, or return to the model at any time.  Read More


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