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AutoCAD/Drafting 101

Nowadays, it is not impossible to learn AutoCAD completely free
of charge. On this page I will list resources where you can find free video to
get you started right up to advanced. Most of these are all free or have a very
low cost. My advice (for what it’s worth) is this. AutoCAD itself is not that
difficult to learn the challenge comes when it’s time to start creating

Abstract knowledge of what you are creating can only get you
so far, whereas hands on experience of what you are creating is more important.
E.g. if you are, or once where, a plumber you are going to make a better plumbing
draftsman than the guy who goes to a IT school for two years and only has an ideal
(abstract knowledge) of how a plumbing system works or should look on paper.
Over the years, I have seen a handful of hundreds succeed with only abstract
knowledge. So it is not impossible. However; highly unlikely.

Personally, (IMHO ) you would be better off teaching yourself AutoCAD whilst
working in the field (even if it was for free every Saturday) in a trade or if
you are going to spend time in a class room, take a construction management
course (even then you should get your hands dirty). Bottom-line is, school is
fine but don’t waste your money on a class that just teaches AutoCAD, and if you
want to become a awesome designer/draftsmen, take some time and get your hands

Here are some resources for learning vanilla AutoCAD. Most are completely free
or have a reasonable fee (typically it covers some of their cost to host the


Here is a good set of videos on the basics


This first one believe it or not is You Tube. This guy has about two hours of
fundamentals that will get anyone started. You can get a program called

Click Here To See His List

Here is another good YouTube source


This resource has enough free content to keep you busy for a year or better. He also has a yearly subscriptions that is more than reasonable


AutoCAD 2009

OK lets say that you have gone through the training above. Now you just need to learn the newer interface and whats new in 2009. This resource is not 100% free but there is enough free content here to help you understand the new interface and for a meager $30 you can get 7 hrs of training for 30days. In fact, you can train on hundreds of computer programs here. IMHO no self respecting geek should be without this subscription. VCT Online


Here are some quick reference and tips & tricks tutorials.



I am adding this site is a pay site but has great advanced stuff to learn 

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  1. Binu said

    Good and thanks for your help to the CAD community, is it possible to get your sessions details in PDF format files

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