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Fun Stuff

Do yourself a big favor and explore the music of the late Eva Cassidy

Eva Wikipedia Page

No Pants Subway Ride 2009

Do Over

Every Cow’s Dream

Breaking the Magician’s Code – The Soup

The Soup: It’s Me Or The Dog

The Music Of Renee Olstead

I Think To Myself “100 Years From Now, What Will It Be Like”

Matt Dusk

This Never Gets Old

Tom and Jerry-Tee for two

Funny Golf Lessons

David After Dentist

Now This Is Funny

LOL Bomb My Goats

Outsourcing Blues

Dana Fuchs Band

Dilbert: Consult

DR (ByGod) John

Banned Commercials – Levis

Banned Commercials – Beer

Banned Commercials – Shower Gel

Diana Krall Pick yourself up

Diana Krall Love Me Like a Man

Diana Krall  Charmed Life

Billy Paul Me And Mrs Jones

Joss Stone

Google Opt Out Feature


One Response to “Fun Stuff”

  1. Pete Moss said

    Eva has the voice of an angel

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