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Having issues with downloads? See detailed instructions below .

I have moved most of the videos to a streaming server (… After exploring several possibilities this seems to be the best place to host them i.e. you can download as-well as view videos….. I choose to encode these videos in the .mov format for two simple reasons…… 1 I am on a MAC and 2.The steaming video quality is the best…

If you are having issuess viewing you will need to install the quick time plug in

you can get it here

If you are having issues downloading just look at the bottom of the page at screencast and there should be a link…..If not please,  leave a comment and i will add one for you….. You are also free to re-encode them to any format you like however, you are likely to lose some quality……. You can try a search for  AVS Video Converter it’s free and works flawlessly…..

You can also email me with any suggestion or issues  you may have here….

How to Download Video From YouTube

How To Download From The GigaSize Website

How To Download From The DivShareWebsite


2 Responses to “HELP”

  1. Robert said

    Cant view video. Have quicktime. What plu-ings are required?

  2. Robert said

    Sorry. What plugins are required for the AutoCAD MEP 2009 Piping submitted by robw1031.

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